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Presencial ou on-line ao vivo

SPEAK WORLD - The language school that is a true linguistic academy

A escola

Founded in 1992 by education professionals, with the aim of providing services in the field of language teaching, Speakworld stands out as a language school that offers quality courses at affordable prices.

Speakworld adopts professional criteria in order to offer the best in language teaching. The low rate of school dropout measured and the level of satisfaction among the participants of the different courses allow us to affirm that Speakworld has obtained results very close to the set target.

What do we offer our students?


flexibility and


You choose the day and time of your classes that

  can be assisted  at Speakworld,  from your home or work.



SPEAKWORLD offers real economic advantages to its student: the price is within everyone's reach and the number of internships is as low as possible.



Do you practice conversation in every class and participate in activities  that allow you to acquire vocabulary  for  speak, write, read and listen correctly.


Teachers and Material 

Experienced and dedicated teachers.

We provide a digital platform and extra material for  complement and expand your knowledge of the language.

Além das aulas com professores altamente capacitados, conte com o Paul, uma ferramenta avançada desenvolvida com tecnologia GPT, disponível 24/7 para ajudar no seu aprendizado e prática do idioma. Com ele, seu aprendizado será interativo, flexível e personalizado para se adequar às suas necessidades e estilo de vida.

Professor e Assistente

teste de nível do inglês

English and French classes

With online teacher for children and teenagers

See language courses

Curso de idioma ao vivo

Online and Live Private Language Courses

Inglês em turma ao online

Language Courses in Groups 
from 3 to 6 students 

Inglês Conversação

Mastery Key Immersion
100% Conversational English

idiomas para viagem

Online Language Courses
for travel

cursos de idiomas online para um fim especifico

 Online English and Spanish courses for specific purposes

 Cursos Online Preparatórios para Certificação Internacional 

 Online courses to prepare for international certification 

Criança aprendendo idiomas online pelo computador

English or Spanish Online for Children


French Online for Kids


Mastery Key Immersion 100% Convresasional

inglês para empresas

English and Spanish In Company

Aprenda novos idiomas e faça o seu mundo maior 


Study when, how and from wherever you are

Marcelo Maranello

Congratulations to all the teachers, because everything I learned in foreign languages was at this school. I will never forget!!!

Great, a language school with the same quality as the best and best known for an affordable price. In addition, they offer individual follow-up.

Natalia Nascimento

I learned to speak English very fast, with 1 year of course my English was good enough to go to work and study in the USA

Testimonials from our students

edifício do governo dos EUA


Address: Avenida General Ataliba Leonel, 3443 - Parada Inglesa, São Paulo, SP - Brazil | 02303-100 | 300 meters from the Metro.

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