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Learn Portuguese for foreigners

Online classes with live teacher 


At Speakworld you participate in true professional training that quickly develops your communication skills. Classes can be in person or online.



A tailor-made course for you  is that  need to learn to speak and write  correctly in Portuguese, whether to communicate  at work, in studies or in everyday life


The purpose of Speakworld  It's   make you  speak and  understand Portuguese perfectly   and for that we apply an active, communicative and situational method with continuous training in which  the four language skills, listening, grammar, writing and speaking.  In all these topics, we introduce cultural aspects  and historical backgrounds for a more complete exposition of the customs and the Portuguese language  formally and informally, depending on the situation.  

You will always be accompanied by the same teacher who will be committed to your learning, encouraging and collaborating  for your improvement.


Speakworld prepares you for the Portuguese Language Proficiency Exam for  Foreign. This National Proficiency Exam assesses the skills  writing, speaking, and understanding  texts .


We periodically carry out simulations of the  Celpe-Bras that assesses oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral production and written production of the Portuguese language in an integrated way and is composed of two parts:

  • WRITTEN PART (lasting 3 hours) – two tasks integrating oral comprehension and written production and two tasks integrating reading and written production;

  • ORAL PART (lasting 20 minutes) – interaction based on activities and interests mentioned by the examinee in the registration form and conversation on everyday topics of general interest, based on provocative elements.


To obtain the certificate, the examinee must achieve performance in both parts of the Exam.

Celpe-Bras assesses four levels of proficiency: Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced and Upper Advanced.


 Enroll in the Portuguese course or come try an experimental class.

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