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English and Spanish for companies

In-company or online classes with live teachers


Agility - The number of stages is as few as possible.  

Flexibility – you choose the day and time of your classes.


Adjustability – our courses adapt to your needs  professional and personal needs.


Convenience – you can attend classes from your home or work.

Quality – our online courses have the same quality as the face-to-face courses.


Additional material – We provide extra material for  complement and expand your knowledge of the language.


 English or Spanish for companies online live or in person

English or Spanish for Business Online Live or Face-to-face. The English or Spanish course for companies at Speakworld is designed to meet your needs in the most diverse fields of activities, in the business area, in negotiations, meetings of executive positions, advertising campaigns, import and export, stock exchange activities, taxes, etc. . In each activity you use specific vocabulary, the language of companies, businesses, through current and relevant texts designed and aimed at those who work in the area. Speakworld makes use of agile, fast-progressing material,  structured aiming at a good communicative competence in the specific scope of the companies, not forgetting  their cultural differences, as well as communication outside the company, which is necessary for a more effective and  for this reason we have expanded the vocabulary so that it is also possible  to relate  formal and informal. 

reunião de negócios


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