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Preparation for international exams




Speakworld offers for those who want to study or work abroad,  a complete program for obtaining international certificates in English. Here, you are adequately prepared to achieve your target exam score. Our classes are personalized, structured and tailored to your needs. We apply , through exercises that cover the entirety of the  required in the tests, a  step by step training with  detailed strategies and tips  to succeed in all sections of the assessments, from  speaking, reading, listening and writing.  




Tests that assess English proficiency in a specific context of the job market, in order to assess the professional's competence in communicating with clients from all over the world.



Tests that assess the ability of oral and written communication at an international level to work and study within the competence of the levels required by the Common European Framework. We prepare for the realization of  specific tests that will create the right conditions for the tests to be carried out.




It is a well-known certificate, required by foreign universities to be able to  to enter master's and doctoral courses, indispensable even for those who want to  study or work in countries like   Canada and  to Australia. It is also a requirement for immigration.



Tests that assess English language competence in academic contexts.



Tests that assess the degree of knowledge of the language of people who do not have English as their mother tongue, to identify listening, writing, reading and speaking skills. Exam required to enter universities in more than 130 countries. Our preparatory courses direct training to develop oral and written communication through interactive classes and application of practical exercises.

Speakworld offers  the most complete trainings to obtain the score  desired, within your deadline, for the exam of your choice, Toefl, Toeic, IELTS or Cambridge. Individual classes are a planned and objective-oriented training, with detailed step-by-step, tips and strategies for you to achieve the expected success in all sections, from reading, listening, speaking and writing.

For over 28 years, speakworld experts have been helping students to exceed their expectations on standardized tests.

reach  the score you want on the exam of your choice.

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