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Estudando com criança

classes for

children and teenagers

Turma de adultos estudantes de inglês

classes for

youth and adults

Idiomas para Crianças e Adolescentes 

At SPEAKWORLD, the  language courses for ADULTS  offer some  options : individually, in  pair  or in groups of 3 to 6 students  matched with the same level of knowledge and age.

Our  training for fluency in a foreign language, follow the standard of excellence demanded by the rising professional and the student in the process of building a solid cultural base.


You will see how easy it is to learn a new language  with our exclusive method,  SPEAKWORLD FUSION that from the first classes provides immersion in the language through integrated modules, combining conversation, pronunciation and written composition sessions.


to Speakworld  offers  seven languages in its online courses. It's 28  years of tradition in language teaching with a methodology that prioritizes  conversation.

You  courses of  Speakworld languages are taught  by experienced teachers  and dedicated people who use up-to-date and carefully planned content  on the best platforms. A complete education and training program. 


You can attend classes from your home or work.


The number of stages is as small as possible. The unique “SpeakWorld Fusion Method” encourages and enhances language learning


Our courses adapt to your needs  professional and personal needs.


Our online courses have the same quality as the face-to-face courses, the classes are also recorded.

“A smart and fun way to learn English”
Your child's free time spent on culture and a taste for studies.

English courses for children

BAMBINO CLUB, for children from the age of three, is a foreign language teaching program scaled to different ages, with oral and audiovisual activities that enable them to master family situations, understand small stories and verses and participate in games. The teaching material meets the specific literacy situation, so that the non-literate learner can learn through oral and visual stimulation.

English courses for teenagers

The program for teenagers is centered on young people's need to express their way of being in constant progression. Therefore, the student is encouraged to write and talk about himself and the world around him. This is an area where Speakworld has been particularly successful in implementing its commitment to providing the very best in language teaching.

Your child can take English classes, online, comfortably at home, directly with the teacher, at  “fusion” method, exclusively for conversation, a program of dynamic and interactive classes in which the student trains his/her skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening, that is, he/she learns to think in English in a natural and playful way. The “fusion method” encourages and enhances language learning.


Now SPEAKWORLD also offers a French course for children from 7 years old.

The course is structured with a  methodology, dynamic and interactive which introduces digital gamification resources that enhance and accelerate the learning of a new language and provide, to the little ones, a contact with an unknown world full of interesting news.

In play and fun, they learn to speak, listen, write and especially to think in French.  In each class, the cultural part is present, stimulating the imagination and introducing a bigger and interesting world, full of curiosities to discover.

Every day is a new experience! We motivate them through interactive dynamics with games, images and videos.

♥In each class, the student will find a new challenge to improve his own performance.  

♥We encourage self-improvement through positive feedback in a pleasant and fun environment.


English and French classes

With online teacher for children and teenagers

age group


Are you interested in our language courses for children and teenagers?  

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We have other language course options for young people.  

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