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Learn German in less time

Online classes with live teacher

Why you should study German online live or face-to-face with Speakworld

Learning German Online is  a challenge that you will set yourself and an achievement that you will acquire after our training, which uses learning practices developed from cultural elements that help the knowledge of the German language through interesting and pleasant approaches. Will have  by your side a qualified teacher, with the necessary knowledge to introduce  the language, eliminate difficulties, practice the  communication, with the objective of creating a solid base to provide self-confidence to achieve  the fluency.

Possibility to study and work in Germany

Learn German  is to seek a possibility within the professional field in German companies  in your own country or in other countries.  THE  Germany offers scholarships  for young foreigners  for  work on vacation and for some professions they grant work permits.

Information Technology  Communication

Advances in the areas of media, information technology, make multilingual communication indispensable. A number of important websites are published in German.

science and research

The German language is the second most important language of science and ranks third in the world in contributing to  Research and Development. It also grants scholarships for research  to foreign scientists. Knowledge of the language allows for broad access to information, remembering that it is very important in the academic world.

international importance

German, after English, is the most important language in the world for establishing business, for activities related to tourism, and for  diplomacy. It is the most important commercial language of the European Community. It is, in Europe, the most important language  for studies in the areas of biology, chemistry, pharmacy, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, automobile industry, etc.  




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​What you will learn in the online or face-to-face German course



Beginner Speaker 

Level  A1.1 and  A1.2 

In the first levels you will identify and reproduce isolated words and memorized expressions. You will understand short statements already known and repeat them to fix them.  The goal  It's  develop their ability to understand the language.


Independent Speaker

Independent Speaker

Level B1.1  and  B1.2

At this level you understand detailed information from texts and conversations about familiar and other more concrete topics, you can express yourself clearly about topics of interest to you.

Level B2.1 and B2.2

At this stage, you understand details of complex texts and can  talk about issues related to social and professional life, experiencing security when communicating with natives.

proficient speaker


proficient speaker 

Level C1.1 and C1.2

At this level you understand everything you read and hear on different topics, you can interpret more complex texts and documents, identify nuances of the language and communicate spontaneously,  with precision and fluidity.

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